Things I will do once the lockdown ends

Saajan Jain
3 min readApr 10, 2020

There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for. For good, I mean drinking Alcohol.

Its been like 25 days since working from home for our team & I am sitting holed up in my bed in the same damn pyjamas which I wear it on alternate days. Feels great for the comfy wear but not for what's going on all across the world. The positive part is everyone is in the same boat & we are cheering each other to keep getting up, doing interesting stuff daily. I tried my hand at cooking (terrible at it), home workouts: climbing stairs didn’t motivate me much but yoga somedays definitely helps.

I have not been productive enough to learn a new online course or create new goals coz the uncertainty of the future is biting me the most. So I thought why not create a list of things I will do once the lockdown ends. Here it is in no particular order ;)

  1. Visit the Barber — I’m pretty sure this is there in everybody’s checklist. Currently, we are all looking like full-grown bears eating at home & doing unnecessary zoom calls. A haircut would definitely help in grooming & getting ready to do new things as soon as this ends.
  2. Have some Rava Cake — Why have they closed the Iyengar bakery? It doesn’t spread virus but only love through their mind-blowing rava cake. I hope they open soon & I stock that up for getting through such apocalypse days in future.
  3. Pet my ex-neighbours dog — Oh, I so love & miss him. He grew up with us but they shifted to another apartment three years ago & meeting him every month became like an achievement. I am sure he misses us too, the best part iswe met him exactly before the lockdown started.
  4. Buy new pair of pyjamas — My daily staple clothing ‘blue jeans’ have not been in use for the first time since years now. The constant companion has been these single pyjamas which I would love to buy more. You never know, what if something like this hits again & we are not ready for it with our favourite workwear: Pyjamas.
  5. Drunch Time — I did a rookie mistake like a lot of us, forgot to buy some beer & stock it up for these days. If I knew this would happen, would have created an almirah space to stock up some beer. Yeah, so this definitely remains in my checklist. Lunch is the best time to have beer especially if you are sitting in the sunshine.
  6. Go for a run — Running is the only time out of my day when I introspect & enjoy solitude. As soon as this ends, will be hitting off to the nearby park & do some evening run there. The best part is post-run I get to rest under the stars in the open ground. You know how that would feel like right?:)
  7. Cooking— Every human being should know how to cook. Period. Learning it really hard way now but I am lucky to be with family. Nonetheless, this time did teach me that I should have this basic survival skill & invest some time learning to cook on weekends. Making #dalgonacoffee doesn’t count.
  8. Eat street food — I hope they open soon & we can go have our share for it. The pandemic will deeply change food habits & there would be a reluctance to eat outside food. If masks, gloves & the hygiene is taken care of, would definitely like to have those puchkas.
  9. Back to Office — There’s a lot to do & post the world reset, want to go back with new plans & rigour. Though things will be tough when it comes to running the business, everyone would want to fight it out themselves & together as well.

I hope we come out stronger & mentally better to do all the things we want to post this lockdown ends. Before I end, here is some inspiration:

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” — Charles M. Schulz