My favorite books of 2020

Saajan Jain
3 min readDec 28, 2020


What a year this has been right? Covid, Lockdown, Quarantine, Social Distancing & so much more. Historic is not the right word, but 2020 will definitely be remembered in history for changing the way we think about everything especially life.

Lockdown gave me a new perspective of looking at things, doing things & even reading time. As I & the whole world spent their months in lockdown, I read some interesting books which became my favourites & will be reading them again soon. I will also be sharing a highlight which I liked personally from these books.

A Fine Balance — Rohinton Mistry

This book tops my list. I have never felt so touched reading something esp fiction like I felt reading this one. Its a story of four characters, economic divide, real India, loss and pain. The narration is brilliant & if you are looking to read a novel written by an Indian Author, A Fine Balance should be on your next year reading list.

“But sometimes people have no choice. Sometimes the city grabs you, sinks its claws into you, and refuses to let go”

Into The Wild — Jon Krakauer

A popular book & a great movie. I had seen the movie long back & wanted to read the book. It's a real-life account of a young man who left everything to live life in the wild, survive alone & just be one with nature. He talks about the life of leaving his family, friends, meeting new people, starting a new life with a new name & the happiness in between. My summary doesn’t do justice on how great this book is.

“The solitude and total freedom of the wilderness created a perfect setting for either melancholy or exultation”

Cobalt Blue — Sachin Kundalkar

This book was just wow. Felt like the movie call me by your name also had such a theme (if you haven’t seen that movie, go see it just for the beauty). It's a simple story of a paying guest coming to stay with a family & the siblings of the family falling in love with him & how it breaks them. It's beautifully narrated & you can read it over two nights.

“At the end of the day, it’s family you can depend on. Blood is thicker than water”

Poonachi or The Story of a Black Goat — Perumal Murugan

The title speaks for itself. I somehow have started liking regional authors & local stories which may not have a global appeal but they are a metaphor to our lives. This story speaks about an orphan black goat which came in hands of a family & her adventures through life. The narration is easy to read & you will love the spirit of the Goat.

“The difficulties of the dead leave along with them, those of the living are here to stay”

Surprisingly, I didn’t read any of Murakami this year as compared to 2019 but nonetheless, I am looking forward to reading more in 2021 and open to some book suggestions for next year.

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