Couch: A metaphor to my life

Yes, I am talking about a couch

It has embraced me everytime. Those long phone calls & those tough ones have been on this couch. I have the luxury on sleeping on my bed but some long nights I crave for the couch coz it teaches you the struggle, the uneasiness to sleep on it.

Doesn’t matter what color it is or how broken it is, I have sat there coz it embraces me to be little patient one more day.

Its needy & can accomodate people but sometimes you want to own the couch as it will be there even if you have no room & can be your colleague in the night.

Couch seems to be a shape shifter & you can be comfortable but it will hurt you for long time attachments. You cry here, laugh here & celebrate here.

Couch: A metaphor to life.


Founder @Growthpep/ Murakami / Relentless

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